Wisconsin Governor Evers Signs ALEC-Inspired Bill to Criminalize Protest

sg飞艇技巧In a press release, the Governor echoed oil and gas industry talking points, which the Center for Media and Democracy revealed earlier, saying, "Today, I signed Assembly Bill 426, which aims to ensure each energy provider is treated the same under the law while still protecting the right to exercise free speech and the right to assembly."

Koch Machine Steps up Lobbying to Stall Climate Action, Fight Donor Disclosure

By Don Wiener and Arn Pearson

Newly released figures show that Koch Industries has spent almost 20 percent more on federal lobbying expenses so far this year than it had at the same time last year. With the U.S. House in Democratic hands, Koch, like other fossil fuel companies, is forced to play defense on energy issues, along with pushing back against Trump trade policies.

Bill to Criminalize Environmental Protests in Wisconsin Heads to the Assembly Floor

sg飞艇技巧The Wisconsin State Assembly will convene for the first time this fall  to consider a bill backed by the oil industry and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that would impose harsh criminal penalties on protesters who trespass on or damage any property owned by energy and water companies.


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