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Stars Earn Stripes, NBC's New "War-Musement" TV Show, Panned by Nobel Peace Laureates, Veterans, and Others

Stars and stripes dollar signNine winners of the Nobel prize for peace are calling on NBC to cancel its new TV series, "Stars Earn Stripes" (S-E-S).

The network unabashedly used its monopoly on the U.S. broadcast of the summer Olympic games to promote this new "reality" series, which debuted this week.

Since 9/11, Koch Industries Has Fought Against Tougher Government Rules on Chemical Plants

sg飞艇技巧By John Aloysius Farrell, Ben Wieder and Evan Bush

The Center for Media and Democracy is re-posting this article from John Aloysius Farrell, Ben Wieder, and Evan Bush at iWatch News, a project of the Center for Public Integrity, as part of our effort to track Koch Industries and ALEC via our ALECexposed.org project and to expose corporate spin. The original can be found . For more, see Farrell's April 2011 article "" and Cole Goins' August 2011 article "," both also on iWatch. To find out about chemical plants near you, of data gathered from the risk management plans that Koch files with the EPA.


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